How To Become A Cam Girl

Becoming a webcam model these days is an incredibly easy thing to do, and it’s a great way for anyone over the age of 18 to make a decent living while working from home.

It used to be that, back in the day, you would need to spend thousands of dollars on a website, have a powerful computer hooked up to an expensive server farm, and plenty of time and money to drive viewers to your website. Now, all you need is a half decent computer, a good webcam, and a fast internet connection. There are plenty of companies that you can sign up with that will give you a platform and an audience to perform in front of.

As I said, there are many different adult webcam companies to choose from, but knowing which one to choose is key. You want to make sure that the company you choose while be able to drive plenty of viewers your way because after all, viewers equal dollars, and dollars… well, you get the picture.

In addition to working with a company who can deliver you, viewers, you always want to make sure that you are not going to get ripped off, or cheated out of the money you’ve earned. Because of that, you want to only work with reputable companies.

Recommended Reputable Adult Webcam Companies

Let’s take a closer look below at what each of these two webcam sites has to offer you.

cams is owned and operated by Streamray. They’ve been around for nearly 20 years, and they’ve also gained themselves an enormous reputation amongst webmasters as being one of the most trustworthy adult companies online today.

How much money does webcam models make?

With, webcam models earn based on a sliding tier percentage of how much money they have made during that pay period.

  • $0 – $5,000 = 32%
  • $5,001 – $6,000 = 50%
  • $6,001 – $10,000 = 60%
  • $10,001+ = 70%

So the way it works is that on your first $5,000 you will be paid out at 32%, everything after that (up until $6,000) is paid out at 50%, then everything after that (up until $10,000) is paid out at 60%, and then everything you make over $10,001 is paid out at 70%.

Here is an example of a cam model who earned $12,000 from members during a pay period of two weeks. The following will show you how each pay tier is calculated to come up with how much money you made.

$ Members SpendThe Math (If $12,000 earned)Models Cut X %
$10,001 – $12,000($2,000 x 70%)$1,400
$6,001 – $10,000($4,000 x 60%)$2,400
$5,001 – $6,000($1,000 x 50%)$500
$0 – $5,000($5,000 x 32%)$1,600
TOTAL: You will be paid $5,900

How webcam models at can earn money

At, models are able to earn money in a number of different ways. Many of the ways are set up in such a way that will allow the model to earn a lot of money during their time on Let’s go over the different ways that a model can earn money at

#1. Nude Show
A nude show is a premium chat where multiple members can all have access to the chat as well as the model. During a nude show, the model must be naked at all times. Members pay per minute to be in a live nude show. The model can set the price that the members will need to pay per minute. The minimum price is $2.49 per minute, up to as much as $9.99 per minute.

#2. Private Show
A private show is only between the model and the member. The member will pay per minute to enter into a private show with a model. The model is able to set a price anywhere from $2.49 to $9.99 per minute. The price of a private show must be at least $0.50 per minute more than the party show.

#3. Party Show
A party show is when a model enters into a private chat with multiple members at once. Each member pays per minute based on a price set by the model, ranging from $2.49 to $9.49 per minute. Each member has access to the chat and can interact with the model.

#4. Cam2Cam
A Cam2Cam show works the same way as a Private Show, except during a Cam2Cam show the member is charged an additional fixed rate of $0.99 per minute to share their webcam with the model.

#5. Voyeur Show
A voyeur show is when a model and another member are in a private show together, and other members are able to enter the room at a lower price ranging from $1.99 to $9.99 per minute. This amount is set by the model.

#6. Tips
If a member is happy with the performance of the model, or if the model has fulfilled special requests from a member then that member can leave a tip for the model. A tip can range anywhere from $0.20 to any amount that the member feels like tipping.

#7. Virtual Gifts
Members are able to send the model a virtual gift from a huge inventory of different items, ranging from flowers, pets, to clothing. These virtual gifts all have a dollar value that will be paid to the model. Models can create an Amazon Wishlist that contains real gifts members can buy and have delivered to the model.

#8. Recorded Shows takes your best shows and offers those shows a pre-recorded video that members can purchase at an additional cost. has control over which shows are offered. Recorded shows are a great way for models to earn additional money from a show they did, a week, a month, or even a year ago.

#9. Fan Club
The fan club is another way for the model to earn some extra money from members who wish to follow them. Members can pay $15 per month to become part of the model’s fan club. In the model’s fan club, the member would be able to access the model’s online diary, email the model directly at their Cams email address, view all the model’s photos, gain access to the models pre-recorded shows, and receive a 10% discount off the price of private chats. Fan clubs are a great way to build up a loyal following of members who are willing to engage in private chats.

How Are Models Paid?

There are two types of models that can work on The first is a model who works directly for a Studio. If the model is working for a Studio, then the Studio would be paid on your behalf, and the studio will then pay the model based on the agreed pay structure with the Studio itself.

The second type of model is an independent model, where most models will probably fall under. These are models who do not work for a Studio, and they are doing this from home, on their own.

Models are paid by in the following ways:

  1. Payment by Paper Check – US & Canada ONLY
    • Minimum earnings of $50 during a pay period.
    • No Fees for receiving a paper check.
  2. Payment by Wire Transfer
    • Minimum earnings of $120 during a pay period.
    • $10 fee for using wire transfer option.
  3. Payment by Direct Deposit (US Only)
    • Minimum earnings of $50 during a pay period.
    • No transfer fees.
  4. Payment by Paxum
    • Minimum earnings of $50 during a pay period.
    • No transfer fees.

How Long Does it Take to Get Started?

To get started with you can click here. Once you have completed the sign-up process and you’ve submitted the contract, 2257 Compliance, and the other paperwork is all on file then you’ll be set up with a “Studio” (a virtual broadcasting center) and a “Stream” (the actual broadcast signal).

Once you’ve been assigned, and your stream is built and assigned to you, you’ll then be notified via email. Once you’ve received that verification via email, you will be able to begin broadcasting yourself and earning money.


stripchat logoStripchat is one of the top live adult webcam sites online today, with thousands of amateur models who perform live interactive shows for members.

Stripchat has a huge list of models in the following categories:

  • Females
  • Males
  • Couples
  • Trans

Each category of a model is paid the same based on what the members are willing to spend per hour. Couples are paid like one individual and will have to split up the money earned amongst themselves.

How much money does the webcam models make?

Webcam models on Stripchat earn tokens from members through a number of different ways. Each token is worth $0.10 USD. Stripchat will then take a 50% commission from that, so basically 1 token = $0.05 earning for the model.

The model is able to set the price per private show anywhere from 16 tokens ($0.80) to 120 tokens ($6.00) per minute.

A typical model is said to be able to make on average between $40 – $120 per hours. It’s not uncommon for some models to be earning 5 times that amount.

In the table below, I am showing a very conservative example of earnings for a cam model in a day who performed 2 hours worth of private shows, had 10 spying members for 30 minutes of the 2 hours, and 30 minutes worth of Cam2Cam shows. This doesn’t show any tip money, virtual gifts, content sold, or bonuses won.

Type of ShowThe MathEarnings
Private Show120 minutes x $1.20 =$144
10 Spying Members10 x $0.40 = $4 x 30 minutes =$120
Cam2Cam Show30 minutes x $1.60 =$48
  Total Earnings = $312

If the model worked only 3 days per week, and they were able to maintain that average earnings per day, they could end up earning $4,680 per month. If the model worked 4 days per week, then they could earn $6,240 per month. Again this doesn’t take into account any of the extra ways that a cam model could earn more money.

Let’s take a look below at the different ways a cam model could earn money from paying members.

How webcam models at Stripchat can earn money

The webcam models are paid by members in the form of tokens. Models can earn tokens in the following different ways.

#1. Tips
Tips can be earned during a public show. The member can leave a tip any time during a public show as a way to show appreciation for the show, or any special requests that the model does. You should know however that tipping is not mandatory.

#2. Private Shows
The private show is a one-on-one live show between the model and the member. The model is able to accept or decline any private show invite requests. Generally, the cost to the member is 24 tokens ($2.40) per minute (Model’s cut is $1.20 per minute). The model is able to adjust the cost of tokens anywhere from 16 to 120 tokens per minute. The private show will end when either of the two parties ends the show, or the member runs out of tokens (whichever comes first).

#3. Spying Members
Spying members are members who enter into a private showing without anyone knowing that they are watching. To enter a private show as a spying member will cost the spy 8 tokens ($0.80) per minute (Model’s cut is $0.40 per minute). While they are in the room watching, they are not able to engage in the conversation or demand specific requests from the model. Models can choose to allow spying members to enter their private rooms, and they can also set how many tokens the spying member would have to pay to enter. There can be more than 1 spying member, which helps increase the amount of money the models will earn per minute/hour.

#4. Cam2Cam
Just like it sounds, cam2cam is when a model and a member go into a private room together where the two can see each other. Cam2cam is a good way for both experienced and new models to earn a little extra money since the cost to enter into a cam2cam show for the member starts at 32 tokens ($3.20) per minute (Model’s cut is $1.60 per minute). Models can change the number of tokens from 32 to as high as 120 tokens per minute.

#5. Win Bonus Cash
Every 3 hours there is a cash bonus draw that goes to the model who earned the most tokens during that 3 hour period. Bonus draws are held every 3 hours (8-times per day), every day.

#6. Sell Your Own Content
Every model is able to create a photo or video album that they can sell to their viewers to earn extra money. Models can create as many photo albums or video albums as they like, and set the price anywhere from 1 token to 499 tokens for each album.

How Are Models Paid?

Models are paid either every week or every two weeks depending on the payment method they have chosen.

  • Paxum and ePayments (Weekly payments)
  • Check and wire transfer (Every two weeks)

Payments are only sent to the model if they’ve earned the minimum payment required during that pay period.

Minimum Payment Required

  • Paxum: $50
  • ePayments: $50
  • Check: $100
  • Wire transfer: $500

How Long Does it Take to Get Started?

Typically the approval process takes up to 24 hours for all new models. It is free to get started, so if you are looking to get started as a webcam model, I would recommend beginning the sign-up process now. Please use my affiliate link to get started.

What Equipment Do I Need?

To become a webcam model you will need to supply your own equipment, regardless of which cam company you decide to go with. The equipment will need is:

  • A fast internet connection. It is recommended to have a cable or DSL connection, with upload speeds of at least 2 Mbps or higher. The faster, the better.
  • A computer with a Quad-Core or above processor, at least 4 GM RAM or above. Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or Mac OS X 10.9. Also a browser with the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari, as well as Adobe Flash Player, cookies and javascript enabled.
  • A webcam with a built-in microphone or a webcam with a standalone microphone will do.

Recommended webcams:

Tips For Earning More Money

A few tips for earning more money are:

  • Be polite and look happy. Members will not want to engage in a private chat if you look like your not having a good time.
  • Always try to get a member into a private chat or in a Cam2Cam room. This is where you will make more money.
  • Try to make each member feel like you’re there for them, and for them only. This will encourage those members to follow you and become devoted to you.
  • Play music, tell jokes, just have a good time with members.
  • Party Chat is a great way to earn more money from members and it’s a great way to earn more tips. Some members like to one-up the competition so they’ll like tipping more often.
  • Be as original and creative as you can. This will help you stand out from the rest of the models. Wear customs, sexy lingerie, tease, and play out different fantasies.
  • Create a broadcasting schedule for yourself and stick to it. Models who put in more hours are rewarded by being positioned higher on the website, which means more traffic and exposure for you. Also by keeping to a schedule, your viewers will become accustomed to it and that will help by bringing in more loyal fans. It is recommended to put in at least 6 hours or more per day so your fans can catch you online.
  • Try to get users to add you to their favorite and friends lists. Models who appear in these lists will show up first on the user’s page. Another powerful tool to encourage your followers to use is the “Notify me when online” function. This great feature will notify the members both via email and push notifications when a model comes online.
  • Take a little extra time to create a well crafted about us page and profile description, describing who you are and what you have to offer the viewers. Members love to read about the models to learn more about who they are. Remember, no personal information.
  • Make sure your photos and videos are good quality.
  • If you use social media and you have a following, don’t forget to announce when you will be going live that day, to help drive some more traffic over to your broadcasting channel.

What Can Models Do To Protect Their Identity? and Stripchat will never give your personal information out to anyone. They both use the highest level of security and encryption on their servers to protect your information.

Both and Stripchat will also give the model the option to ban/block specific States, Provinces, Countries, etc. from being able to see their channels. Now, this doesn’t necessarily work if the member is a using a VPN.

If you are broadcasting from home, take a look in the background and make sure there are no personal photos, views from a window, or other ways that will give the member an idea on who you are, or where you live.

Can Webcam Models Broadcast on Multiple Sites At Once?

The quick answer is, No. The reason for this is because multiple streams could cause your internet connection to go slow which will impact the viewing members experience. Most cam streaming companies like and Stripchat have rules set in place to limit your live stream to only one company at a time. You could choose to broadcast on during the day, and then switch over to broadcasting on Stripchat for the evening/night hours.

Helpful Tips For Beginners

  • Make sure you read and fully understand the rules set in place. You don’t want to get banned from the website just because you made a silly mistake that violated the terms and conditions.
  • NEVER give out your personal information to any member no matter what they say.
  • Take an hour or two and just look around at different models and see what they are doing. This will help give you an idea of what other webcam models are doing and perhaps give you some good ideas on how you can make things work for you.

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